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  1. Check availability in the Calendar below.
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You will receive a response to your booking request as soon as we have checked your requested dates (usually within 24 hours). A deposit invoice will be sent and you will receive confirmation of your payment and the availability calendar will be updated accordingly. A balance invoice will be sent eight weeks before your booked dates.

Letting weeks run from Saturday to Saturday. Three or four nights also available (not during Summer or Easter).
Summer (1st June – 1st Sept)£795
Spring/Autumn (April-May & Sept-Oct) 5 – 7 nights£695
Winter (November-March) 5 – 7 nights£550
Two nights (not available in Summer or Easter)£280
Three nights (not available in Summer or Easter)£370
Four nights (not available in Summer or Easter)£460
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Distances and travel times to High Tide

Belfast3.5 hours58 miles from cairnryan
Birmingham4.5 hours260 miles
Bristol6 hours342 miles
Cardiff6 hours360 miles
Edinburgh2 hours110 miles
Glasgow2 hours107 miles
Inverness5 hours272 miles
Leicester4.5 hours269 miles
Liverpool3.5 hours190 miles
London6 hours360 miles
Manchester3 hours142 miles
Newcastle2.5 hours120 miles
Norwich6.5 hours345 miles
York3.5 hours178 miles

Please note: The times given are based on standard average travelling times and do not take into account the need for rest breaks or the variable nature of traffic on motorways.