StillWalks® Around Carrick

StillWalks are short videos produced by Alastair Duncan. They use still photography and field recording unique to the time and place of the walk. They are intended to act as a prompt to go for a real walk if you can, and if you can’t, then a StillWalks video can bring the outside in to you.

If you would like to know more about StillWalks, please visit the website at All videos and photography is available for sale. Currently there are two StillWalks video collections available on DVD – Collection 2 includes two StillWalks videos from Carrick.

Viewing guidance for StillWalks® videos:

  1. First put aside any current tasks and thoughts.
  2. Switch off your phone or put it on “silent”.
  3. Select the video you would like to watch.
  4. Select the full screen button in the bottom right of the video, but don’t press “Play” yet.
  5. Sit back in your seat.
  6. Take a deep breath and release it slowly.
  7. Consciously relax your shoulders.
  8. Click or press “Play”.
  9. Relax and enjoy.
  10. When the video has finished, allow yourself a few moments sitting quietly to let your mind come back to the “real world”.


StillWalks sample video from Carrick Shore

This StillWalks coastal walk in Spring sees Oystercatchers courting, some fascinating sculpture and listens to some very enthusiastic birdsong!

Coastal Walk – Evening

The Oystercatchers and their calls in this coastal walk are absolutely typical of an evening in this beautiful area of SW Scotland.

Flora and Fauna

This StillWalk is a bit of a deviation from the normal format in that the images and sounds have been taken from different times within the period of a few days. I just wanted to show some of the Flora and Fauna.

Shore Walk

Shore Walk includes the area opposite Ardwall Island beyond Big Bay. Although the island itself does not feature in the video, it is well worth a walk along there. If you are crossing to the island, however, pay attention to the tides!