There is a visitors book in High Tide and we encourage all our visitors to write in it – and they do. We will be putting up extracts from the book here shortly. If you are visiting and have photos that you would like to share please email them to

Thank you.

Extract from a ‘thank you’ email from David Yull to Cathie  who looks after High Tide for visitors. David and Carmel visited High Tide over the 2014 New Year period – with those storms included!

The trip was fantastic and we will remember it as the best New Year we have ever had. 
Only we would book High Tide during the highest tide in 20 years! Scary as hell and we were cut off for a few hours as the road to Sandgreen was flooded down at the bend/river/bins. Scarier still as we had run out of wine and were on the way to Gatehouse! 
We had some amazing meals and great nights, couple of friends visited but we preferred the isolation. The night I awoke around 3 am to see Orion perfectly framed in the bedroom window, with lightening bursts will never be forgotten, it was so vivid! I never discovered the meaning of life on the trip but certainly discovered the meaning of such a perfect place to stay. Please pass on our sincere thanks to Adam and his family. 
The sunset on the first night over the island were spectacular as were the stars that night and the winds most other night. The tide on the 3rd kept us glued to the window as it brought in whole trees and splattered off the window, but I think the greatest spectacle of all for Carmel was not all that or the wildlife but my blue fat body in my speedos in the sea on New Years Day morning !
David and Carmel